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Healthy Belonging on Scale

A positive future for Humanity powered by innovative Mental Health and Community solutions
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Humanity Tribes ecosystem

We believe that cultivating a positive self-identity is a foundation of mental health and healthy belonging.

This is why we are creating an ecosystem of specialized tribe groups to meet the diverse needs and identities within our global community: Men, Women, Non Binary/Queer.

We then work on integrating these communities through Mixed Tribes.

A movement propelled by our purpose

We exist because we believe that by cultivating healthy belonging, emotional healing, resilience and positive coexistence on a massive scale we can accelerate a movement towards an Exciting and Happy future for humanity.

Kaip tai vyksta?

Charting the course
for a happier and more exciting future

Society faces profound challenges that can no longer be ignored: an epidemic of loneliness, emotional trauma, and a lack of genuine connection and community.

At Humanity Tribes we build positive communities at scale through scientific methodology, positive psychology and creative innovation.

These positive community solutions address loneliness, shame, trauma, provide genuine connections, and empower individuals with self-care and interpersonal skills.

Healthy Belonging

Positive Coexistence 

Emotional Healing 



Each tribe is united by our purpose and 4 principles of connection and community

This forms the foundation of tailored co-created programmes to promote positive mental health, self-care and community that is relevant to each tribes needs. 
Each tribes community is represented by their brains trust. This unique model allows us to co-create this movement, share learning, develop ancillary programmes, address challenges and opportunities that are relevant, resulting in a thriving and adaptive ecosystem.

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